Photos by Rick van Woudenberg

Performance with modern dance and video projections, 2024
Concept: Lies Bakker and Janine van Veen
Choreography: Lies Bakker
Video and scenography: Janine van Veen

Dance company Mizou Danst, led by Lies Bakker, and artist Janine van Veen present (Un)seen: the interdisciplinary location performance where modern dance theatre and video art make seeing and not seeing visible. Thirteen dancers take you into the dark. The performance unfolds in conjunction with the dynamic video projections. Do you want to see everything? What is real observation and do we still take the time and effort for it? What if your sight is taken away and you are forced to rely on your other senses? Let yourself be carried away and experience (Un)seen in a raw place in the middle of the city center of Utrecht.

• May 24 & 25, 1.5 hours, 7 shows, former prison Wolvenplein Utrecht
• June 29 & 30, 1 hour, 2 shows, ZIMIHC theater Zuilen