video Let go, don't let go, 2021

video Stuck, 2021

video What Comes Next, 2023

in collaboration with Mizou Danst, 2023

A theatre performance about endurance, dealing with fears and liberation. Mizou Danst and Janine van Veen join forces in the new performance Marvelous Minds: a triptych in which dance and visual art complement each other. The dance company Mizou Danst is led by Lies Bakker. The choreographies of Marvelous Minds were created especially for the thirteen dancers. Each dance tells its own powerful story. The minimalist videos in the performance are made by Janine van Veen and are about trying to let go of thoughts with a crowded head, being stuck in a repeating pattern and the feeling of new possibilities.

Seen April 15 at Theatre Kikker, Utrecht
and June 24 & 25 at ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen, Utrecht

Concept: Lies Bakker and Janine van Veen
Direction and choreography: Lies Bakker
Video art, graphic design & promotional photography: Janine van Veen